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About Brooke Brown. Freelance Showgirl, Spokesmodel, Dancer, Stilt Walker, Model in Las Vegas.

My name is Brooke Brown.  Originally from Iowa, I currently call Las Vegas home.  After many years dancing in shows around the world, I now freelance full time as a model, dancer, showgirl, spokesmodel and stilt walker. 

A few fun facts; I was valedictorian of my high school class, earned an Economics degree at UNLV while performing in shows, won "The Relative Race" reality show with my husband, was the one and only "Miss Jubilee" starring in "Jubilee!" at Bally's Las Vegas, and ran a successful real estate business for two years. I am dedicated to being good at what I do.  "What I do" is constantly evolving. 

A snapshot of my week may include photoshoots, corporate events, tradeshows, nightclub events, dance rehearsals, video shoots, interviews, and daily marketing to acquire gigs.  I work through many agencies and event companies in town, and also have my own clients.  I do travel. 

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About Me:


"Lips & Lashes for Life"?

"Lips & Lashes for Life" is my ode to past and present showgirls and showboys.  Years pass, wrinkles form, joints stiffen, but the memories of gracing the stage will never be erased.  Elegantly dripping in rhinestones and feathers, in the most glamorous and extravagant costumes in the history of show business is no simple feat.  I believe we are "Forever Fabulous", and a fraternity of performers who will never forget the feeling of the comforting glow of the spotlight.  

This specific phrase could be heard in dressing rooms worldwide... running late for the curtain? As long as you have your "lips and lashes" on, you're good to go!

Lips & Lashes for Life y'all!



(702) 326-0069

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Some Selected Accolades:

Miss Jubilee, Lead Dancer at Bally's "Jubilee!"

Reality Show Winner, "The Relative Race", BYUTV 2016

Cee Lo Green Backup Dancer

J Lo Backup Dancer

Bluebell Dancer, "Le Lido de Paris", Paris, France

Named an "Up & Coming 20-something", Fortune 500 Magazine

Cover Model: LV Magazine, What's On, GX, Vegas Player Magazine, Today in Las Vegas

Ad Campaign: Jubilee! Marquee and Billboards, Caesar's Entertainment

Economics BA, Magna Cum Laude, UNLV




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